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Once you are ready to get started with implementation you will need a range of downloadable resources. 

Choose an example project that works with your IDE or development tools.

Mac OS

MacOS 10.12 Sierra changes to Gatekeeper affecting installers and updaters

MacOS 10.12 Sierra, shipping Q4 2016, will incorporate changes in Gatekeeper which are expected to affect many existing installers and updaters.  To ensure that software using the Nalpeiron Licensing and Analytics libraries continues to function correctly, please ensure that you are following the guidelines set out by Apple for installation and software signing. Further information may be obtained here:

Windows OS

 For Windows applications development you can use any version of Visual Studio from 2010 onwards.However you will need to have the  MS VS 2010 runtime installer in your installer application, to ensure that the client has the correct runtimes installedwhichare required for our library. VS2010 Redistributable:

Use of  (NSL/NSA) in the naming convention means the project is combining in the code examples both Licensing and Analytics calls to our Service vs. a simple Licensing only example.



  • NSL = Software Licensing
  • NSA = Software Analytics
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